About us

Malcolm Firearms is a firearms and ammunition retailer in the Charlotte / Weddington , North Carolina area. Co-owner Tim Malcolm wanted to do something different with firearm sales that would set Malcolm Firearms apart from the competition. To achieve this he setup accounts with almost every distributor in the nation so that we are always able to get the absolute lowest prices on firearms and ammo which in return brings more savings to our customers. Tim also has implemented his 15 plus years in the service industry to ensure that our customers get the highest level of customer satisfaction with each and every experience.

Co-Owner Tim Malcolm states:

“We have all walked into a gun store at some point in our lives and the sales associate, manager or even the owner has been just a complete jerk, there is nothing in the world that makes you feel more uncomfortable when you feel like someone doesn’t respect your business. I want everyone to feel comfortable talking to me, buying from me and even asking me a hundred questions about a gun or some other product we are selling, there are no stupid questions and it’s not a pissing contest to see who knows more about what. I have been collecting firearms for 15+ years and I still learn something new every day. Anyone that does business with me is going to leave thinking, what a great experience…..or I will not be happy”

Malcolm Firearms specializes in high-end collectible firearms but carry’s everything from beginner to professional series handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Malcolm Firearms also specializes in estate sale and collection buyouts. We buy, sell and trade firearms, pistols, rifles, shotguns, optics, ammo and all sorts of other firearm related goods.

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